Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Project Milestones

The project has quite ambitious goals, but we prefer to reach them step by step. For the moment we have defined 2 milestones:

MILESTONE 1: Sextante as GeoKettle Job Entries.
This milestone will be available for the end of 2009, and its main goals include:
  • The full set of Sextante algorithms available in GeoKettle as Job Entries.
  • New Sextante algorithms: Tabulate Area and Zonal Statistics.
  • Geospatial Input and Output Job Entries based on GeoTools.
  • Improved support for huge raster datasets in GeoTools ArcGrid driver.
  • Improved support for huge raster and table data in Sextante-GeoTools bindings.

MILESTONE 2: Sextante as GeoKettle Transformation Steps.
This milestone will be developed during 2010. Main goals include:
  • A selected set of Sextante algorithms available as Kettle Transformation steps.
  • Raster support for GeoKettle: Raster input and output steps based on GeoTools.
  • Full power of GeoKettle transformation applied to Sextante: distributed execution using computer grids.

The result of each milestone will be a fully functional product, matching the planned goals.
You can find more detailed, technical documentation at the documentation section of the BeETLe project at OSOR.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

BeETLe Project Introduction

The BeETLe project aims to extend GeoKettle with advanced spatial analysis tools. The main idea involves integrating Sextante into GeoKettle, making GeoKettle a more powerful and versatile application.

This project has been pushed by ETC-LUSI, in coordination with other institutions: Extremadura University (Sextante developers), Laval University (GeoKettle developers), and Junta de AndalucĂ­a (which shares vision and needs with ETC-LUSI).