Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Project Milestones

The project has quite ambitious goals, but we prefer to reach them step by step. For the moment we have defined 2 milestones:

MILESTONE 1: Sextante as GeoKettle Job Entries.
This milestone will be available for the end of 2009, and its main goals include:
  • The full set of Sextante algorithms available in GeoKettle as Job Entries.
  • New Sextante algorithms: Tabulate Area and Zonal Statistics.
  • Geospatial Input and Output Job Entries based on GeoTools.
  • Improved support for huge raster datasets in GeoTools ArcGrid driver.
  • Improved support for huge raster and table data in Sextante-GeoTools bindings.

MILESTONE 2: Sextante as GeoKettle Transformation Steps.
This milestone will be developed during 2010. Main goals include:
  • A selected set of Sextante algorithms available as Kettle Transformation steps.
  • Raster support for GeoKettle: Raster input and output steps based on GeoTools.
  • Full power of GeoKettle transformation applied to Sextante: distributed execution using computer grids.

The result of each milestone will be a fully functional product, matching the planned goals.
You can find more detailed, technical documentation at the documentation section of the BeETLe project at OSOR.

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