Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Most of the data that ETC-LUSI has to process or create in its daily work, are TIFF files using EPSG:3035 projection (Lambert Azimutal Equal Area projection using the ETRS89 datum).

However, we've discovered that ArcGIS (at least on 9.3 version) is not able to properly encode EPSG:3035 using standard GeoTiff tags, so it uses an external auxiliary file (using a proprietary format) to store the spatial reference information.

GeoTools is not able to read these proprietary files, and therefore it refuses to read these (false Geo-)TIFF files. Fortunately, the library can still be convinced to read them by using the DEFAULT_COORDINATE_REFERENCE_SYSTEM Hint during GeoTiff reader creation.

For the moment, we can live with this workaround, but we would be really pleased to see ArcGIS generating correct standard GeoTIFF files for EPSG:3035 projection, as is the reference projection at the European Environment Agency.

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